Pink And Green Retro Sunglasses- Fashion Style Fashion Way

As a fashionable lady, do you have any idea about what kind of accessory you need to have a drop-dead look anytime, anywhere? Yep, the answer is exactly sunglasses, which must be one of the most important accessories in your daily life. However, when you choose shades, what's the first factors jumping into your mind? Color, style, design or price? Here I wanna share with you pink and green retro sunglasses via these four keywords.

Focus 1: Color
As pink is a symbol of cute and adorable stuff, most of young girl are crazy about this color, and they are keen on to dress in pink clothing, wearing pink shoes, even pink sunglasses. Green represents new life and something fresh. When it comes to green, spring, trees and grasses are the first things jumping into my minds. If you choose a pair of green shades, it can bring you a sense of reborn and something bright and fresh.

Focus 2: Style
It is an indisputable statement that retro vintage sunglasses are one of the most classical sunwear in the shades history. Additionally, women's vintage sunglasses are very popular at present. In term of pink and green retro sunglasses, the style is not out-of-date, we can still find out that lots of young people including famous stars wear these shades walking in the streets, so trendy and stylish, aren't they?

Focus 3: Design
In fact, retro vintage sunglasses vary different designs, exaggerated features or low-pitched ones. Some designs of retro sunglasses are very lovely and cute, while some are kind of sexy and elegant. Which one do you prefer?

Focus 4: Price
Anyway, if you are not a big fan of well-known brands, in other words, you are not that into brands when you choose a pair of pink and green retro sunglasses, you can get a pair of suitable sunwear, because there are so many affordable sunglasses online with high-quality indeed for you to choose.
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