Fashion And Style Advice For Men - Staying Warm When It Is Cold Outside

For men looking to wrap up warm and look good with ease this winter, there are literally hundreds of sweaters out there for you to choose from. From chunky cable knit crewnecks to soft woolen V-necks or warm turtlenecks, there is bound to be a trendy style to suit you. Sweaters look great in any color and can be worn with any style of pants or jeans. Try layering them over tees or under jackets for a stylish winter look.

Every man needs a good jacket for winter for all those forays out into the cold, crisp (sometimes damp) air. Jackets are perfect for wearing instead of or over sweaters and, this season, you have a fantastic choice of styles. Go for leather for a smart, cool look - try fur lined if you're looking to up the warmth - and a style that goes with almost any outfit, taking the stress out of winter dressing. Alternatively, denim jackets are very 'now' and are a great casual choice for cold days.

Another entry for the 'warm yet brilliantly stylish' hall of fame is the hat. A winter staple, it's easily transportable in your pocket or briefcase, meaning you can pull it out when you need it or store it away when you don't. The tweed cap is popular this season - they look great with sweaters and are durable and cheap. You could also check out the ever popular beanie, which look particularly good with leather jackets for a more laidback look.

Just because it's winter, it doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to one look, swathed in layers of sweaters. For a great, light yet cozy alternative, maybe the fleece is more your thing. They're popular this winter because they're warm and attractive without breaking the bank. Plus, they come in a range of styles from pullover hooded tops with fleece linings, to zip-up tops that are great for making the transition between seasons. A truly versatile, useful item to have in your winter wardrobe.

OK, so, you've got your winter look - your stylish staples as well as your accessories. You're almost set. One last item to consider adding to your collection is trusty thermal wear. These are not the embarrassing 'onesies' they once were, but now in fact come in a range of styles suitable for everyone. Of course, thermal vests and underwear will keep you warm, but you can also get some great, stylish tops, jackets and pants that will look brilliant whether you're on the ski slopes or walking around town.