Stylish Fashion Pieces For Women Over 30

Whether a woman is in her 30’s, 40’s 50’s or above there is no reason why sophistication, class and fashion should be removed from their seasonal wardrobes. However, as fashion is particularly hard to follow without keeping up to date with the latest magazines and television programmes, there are a few ways to stay stylish across every decade.

1. Pencil skirts, pleated skirts and sunray skirts are universally stylish no matter what the age or overall look. Although it’s recommended to keep on the knee line and not any lower, it can look very stylish to go for something just beneath the knee line. However, to avoid looking frumpy try to avoid anything longer than this.

2. Coats can be the ultimate fashion accessory for the colder seasons, and if you get the style and design right you may not need more than one. Trench styles are always on trend; however wool coats are both stylish and warm. Best tip is to find a slimming style with elegant button detail and full lining to keep warm without looking as though you are making too much effort.

3. Hats have a similar effect for transforming an outfit into something classic and stylish. Avoid elderly looking hats and instead look for charming and warm styles. Simple bows and classic belt styles can really finish off a look. Avoid choosing colours that may not compliment your features either. Black, although practical can sometimes dull down an outfit so if you want colours to go with any look try choosing grey, champagne or avio blue shades instead.

4. If black is a colour you would normally choose, select it when you’re choosing dresses instead. A little black dress goes a long way and can also act as a starting point for any outfit, whether dressing it up or down. As well as covering a multitude of sins, your style will forever remain elegant.

5. Silky soft blouses are the ultimate wardrobe must have in all seasons. Whether wearing to work, or shopping on the town, blouses are both delicate and feminine to match with any outfit. Best with trousers, the blouse can show little or more flesh as necessary and as most are available in an array of colours you can simply choose a shade that suits you best. A look that never goes out of fashion.